FAQ For Candidates

How do I Apply for a Job?

Click on the Job Title link you wish to apply for, and this will direct you to the job description page.  To apply fill the mandatory fields upload the CV and click submit.  The application will be send directly to the recuriter in-charge of the position

Will I be contacted by the recruiter to update about my application status?

Applicants will be contacted by the recruiter after the intial screening process, if the profile is matching with the available vacancy.

I would like to give you some feedback or enquire about your services.

Please use our Contact page to give feedback or enquire about our services.

Will I be able to register in the website?

Yes, you can register with us and upload your CV from here.

Could you please provide me a step-by-step process of creating a candidate profile on OilExec?

Yes, Please follow the following steps:

1. Go to our register page.

2. Fill in all your personal details along with a valid e-mail id. Please make sure that you use a strong password for your OilExec account and keep the password safe with you.

3. Once you submit the registration application with us the OilExec Candidate account system will send you a validation message to the email id that you used while creating the account. Access your Email and click on the link provided in that email message to validate your OilExec Account.

4. Once you validate your account you can log in to our system from the login section of our website using your email id and OilExec password. On a successful login you are taken to your candidate control panel, which will act as a dashboard for your activities on OilExec website.

5. From this control panel you can do the following tasks.

  1. View your Profile - By clicking on the View My Profile link you can view the profile details submitted by you to OilExec.
  2. Download a copy of your CV - From the Download My CV that was uploaded link you can download a copy of the resume file that you have provided with OilExec. This link is shown only if you have attached a resume file with your profile.
  3. Edit your Profile Details - You can make changes to the professional and personal details that you have submitted with us from the Edit My profile details section on the control panel.
  4. Manage your Saved Jobs - You can save a job for later reference from the job details page and this link provides a list of all your saved jobs.
  5. Manage your Job Responses - All the applications that you have made to jobs posted on OilExec can be tracked from here. The status set by OilExec recruiters against each of your job applications can be seen here too.
  6. Change Your Password - You can change the password associated with your OilExec candidate account from this section.

I have lost my OilExec Candidate account Password. What should I do?

You can easily recreate a new OilExec account password from here .


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