1. Provide Admin support to the HR manager in various HR activities.
2. Prepare Monthly staffing report for Qatar
– Capture all movements in and out of Qatar Projects inside Qatar and outside Qatar.
– Capture all movements for Abu Dhabi and prepare the staffing report on monthly basis.
– Compare and include the relevant information from MAP generation for each new expat.
– Ensure correct listing and headcount for all departments
– Ensure cost centers are included in the report for billing purposes.
– Extract SHARP extract and compare against the staffing report to ensure accuracy.
– For Golden pass secondees, verify with BL to ensure capturing all new movements.
– For USA billing, ensure all the correct setups for secondment is applied on a timely manner.

3. Provide Orientation
– For new comers, conduct orientation and ensure proper documentations are in place.
– Complete relevant information for billing purposes for all new secondees
– Complete special orientation especially for new secondees
– Add new arrivals to HR master listing.

4. Manage secondment nominations
– Liaise with JV and business line to provide correct candidates for requested positions
– Follow up with JV to ensure interviews are scheduled for nominees accordingly
– Liaise with nominees to ensure availability
– Follow up after successful interview
– Provide feedback to BL to seek relevant billing information
– Follow up with JV to ensure all required paperwork is in place
– Execute paperwork and forward to parties for billing purposes
– Keep a tracker for all open positions to monitor deadline and alert parties
– Highlight issues and discuss with BL if any

5. Mange Announcements and NEEDS
– Following confirmation from JV for secondment, check with BL for NEED placement
– Follow up until NEED is in place and check and verify relevant information is correct
– Follow up until MAP is compiled and Expat/secondee is information of assignment
– For new positions ensure all proper documentations and NEEDS are in place
– Ensure and help draft new announcements for all departments and follow up until posted
– Handle all local postings and cascade within department.

6. Billing
– Gather the correct information to formulate the billing letter
– Discuss with BL to decide correct billing categories
– Discuss with BL and forward correct information to JV to ensure all paperwork is done
– Verify all needed information is shared among all parties
– Cross check with billing team and review their monthly report to ensure all is captured
– Highlight and correct any spotted problems to ensure billing to done correctly
– For outside Qatar locations (US, Indonesia, Italy, UK…etc) liaise with BL and secondee to collect proper information and starting date and location.
– Formulate the correct billing letters and add to report
– Ensure SHARP setup is correctly applied for out of Qatar location.

7. SHARP Updates
– Ensure SHARP database listing is correct and updates are done for all new positions
– Ensure SHARP database listing is correct and ensure removing all leaving expats/DH
– Ensure all changes (name, position, cost center…etc) are correctly updated in SHARP
– That involved connecting with Data management to ensure correct data is captured.
– Ensure correct reporting relationship is applied

8. Schooling
– Liaise with all relevant schools to ensure company seats are used correctly
– Provide new expats with relevant information to apply for wished schools
– Follow up and provide advice if required
– Contact schools to provide consent for company seats
– Keep track of yearly allotment to ensure sufficient seats available
– Keep a record of students attending local schools for expats
– Liaise with payable to ensure smooth billing
– Provide innovative solution for raised issues
– Review invoices and forward for endorsement

9. Mange International assignments
– Liaise among business lines and JV for available training assignments for Qatari local or abroad.
– Once candidate is chosen by BL, prepare and execute the correct paperwork
– Start the visa process for candidates going outside Qatar
– liaise with candidate to collect relevant paperwork
– follow up until visa is issued
– Liaise with BL for proper meet and greet and the settlement for the trainee.
– Provide advice for billing purpose if applicable.

10. Talent mobility and MSP interface
– Liaise with CARTUS to ensure smooth transition for all expats moving into Qatar
– Follow up on any outstanding issues until finally resolved
– Ensure CARTUS have relevant information

11. Others
– Stewardship of HR SharePoint
– Safekeeping and updating HR contact listing
– Record management contact for HR
– BCP contact for HR: issue an updated emergency list for BCP purpose on monthly basis
– Engagements with clients for various queries relating to billing, benefits, secondment, entitlement.

If any of the candidates are interested in the above opening revert back with your updated CV to- [email protected]