Develop and implement efficient and cost-effective static mechanical integrity management programs across ( all process areas) of Energy’s upstream facilities in alignment with the international best practices and standards to ensure “fitness for purpose” throughout and after the program life cycle in order to ensure sustainability of the business.

Provide technical guidance / SME (Subject Matter Expertise) support to plant Integrity and Inspection teams. Approve Energy’s inspection and integrity policies. Resolve asset integrity and inspection related issues for all onshore and offshore structures, piping, pipelines, and static equipment.

Provide expertise and guidance covering all types of inspection and testing methods and techniques to ensure the safety of facilities and personnel.

Provide support and guidance to the Inspection team in preparation and issuance of the monthly activities report and annual health status report for Energy upstream static mechanical assets.

Review and validate PR/PO with QA/QC requirements for Material / Equipment Manufacturing / Fabrication “FMP – Local / Outsource” and CAT-2 Materials (requested by SD/ FM) related to Static Mechanical Equipment in FMP study phase.

Issue Engineering Service Request (ESR) for Structural Works Modification (SWM) and management of Facilities Change Process (MOFC) exercises to ensure all static mechanical integrity objectives are met and develop Inspection Strategy for Structural Works.

Perform FFS assessment to determine mitigation measures and action plans through the effective monitoring of IWL’s (Inspection Work List) dashboard status and provide technical support during the field execution of IWL activities of Onshore / Offshore platforms where needed.

During the RCFA, ensure that all the technical requirements and anomalies for static mechanical equipment/piping degradation are reported timely in compliance with the Anomaly IMS Procedure and required ESR/OSR is raised and followed up appropriately to investigate proposed Modification as proposed by MI&I for Short-term / Permanent solution.
Lead the effective implementation and maintenance of the company-wide Corrosion and Inspection Management System (CIMS).
Ensure the timely inspection and testing of all equipment and PSVs and data upload in the CIMS. Review and approve the failure analysis reports and future actions to avoid such failures.
Review and support the corrosion engineer in the CMLs selection and placements in all the plants and ensure proper update of CMLs in the required engineering documents and implementation in the field.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Activities
Maintain “fit for purpose” level of service process in all upstream facilities and utilities through a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program in alignment with operational business plans.
Lead and coordinate the execution of specialized inspection technologies and systems carried out by contractors through providing assistance as necessary in coordinating survey activities, such as providing logistical support, access, and coordinating RBI (Risk Based Inspection) programs.
Identify and engage the use of external static mechanical consultants and labs to meet specific operational requirements.

Process Improvement & Follow Ups
Review analysis and endorse survey results provided by Operations Upstream and Consultants through assessing the extent of threats to static mechanical facilities, reviewing the reports prepared by other specialists and identifying remedial actions and short/long-term recommendations.
Keep abreast of technological developments in the field of inspection engineering in the oil and gas industry. Investigate new technologies and recommend their adoption to improve reliability and minimize shutdowns in a cost-effective manner.
Monitor static mechanical integrity KPIs and ensure continuous improvement leading to lower integrity cost, increased availability of facilities and safe and reliable operations. Support HSE overall Asset Integrity Program as required.
Evaluate innovative technologies, identify opportunities for improved Integrity techniques and programs, and recommend changes to ensure effective integrity inspection service.
Act as a custodian for QA/QC Activities & Material Inspection (Non-FMP) by developing and revising Inspection, Testing and Certification of Equipment and Materials Procedures.

Contract & Tender Management
Identify the scope of LTSAs based on site requirements as well as reviewed FMPs (Facility Modification Proposal) for Mechanical Integrity & Inspection encompassing the work requirements, preparing AFE (Authorization for Expenditure), and / or Business case, depending on the estimated value (Business case is mandatory for a value above 2MM), if required.

Manage the effective preparation of Technical Bid Evaluation Methodology (UBEM), priced bid Evaluation Methodology (PBEM) for evaluation of bids, Instructions to Tenderer (ITT) including raising clarifications to participating bidder, preparing results (UBER) along with internal memo highlighting reasons of disqualifications and review and validate the received tender clarifications from participating bidders ensuring appropriate response are provided for LTSA’s against FMP’s (CAPEX).

Review and comment on tender documents and bids relating to facilities engineering projects. Review contents to ensure “fitness for purpose” and that recommended facilities meet approved specifications.

Manage the technical and budget requirements for all inspection contracts across Energy Upstream, including evaluation and endorsing technical and the commercial submissions and recommending successful bidders.

Minimum Educational Requirements / Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Corrosion or similar.
Must have a thorough knowledge and practical experience of international inspection codes and standards. At least one API certification (510 or 570) or successful completion of API courses.

Minimum Experience:
10 years’ relevant experience in oil and gas industry with a strong exposure in mechanical integrity and inspection, including at least 4 years in positions of progressively increasing managerial responsibilities.

Interested candidates may share their updated Cv’s with the subject line to :- [email protected]