Job Purpose:

  • To undertake all necessary actions in order to ensure that the gas shall not leak / damage / interrupt gas supply as per IGE/TD/3All equipment and systems which operate and control the gas distribution system shall function normally at operating conditions. To oversee control room operations and other operation activities of the gas network in the field and pipeline patrolling of the gas system.

Job Description:

Day-to-day Operations:

  • Oversee and supervise the operation and maintenance of Gas Network and Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Plant through PLC and SCADA system.
  • Oversee and supervise the operation and maintenance of Propane tanks, Air Compressors, Dryers, Generators, Propane Pumps, Water Bath Vaporizer and Gas Mixing unit, Gas Analyzer, flare system, ESD system, FDS system etc. as well as the maintenance of Testing of Cathodic Protection of LPG tanks system. Knowledge in the gas system includes gas panels, regulators, solenoids, EVC, tank apparatus.
  • Coordinate with the all the utility service provider for uninterrupted operation of the SNG farm. And shall ensure 24×7 emergency service.
  • Independently handle city gas operations in coordination with contractor’s testing and commissioning team, customers, company Customer Services etc.
  • Verify O&M documents handed over by the Projects team to ensure compliance to system operations requirements.
  • Design, develop, and establish gas system operation guidelines, procedures, and protocols in line with Lusail policies and company O&M strategy.
  • Ensure safe operation and maintenance of the SNG/LPG YARD& Network and obtain all sorts of NOCs, permits, approvals, etc.
  • Carry out flow monitoring and safe system of work (PTW, Method Statement, TRA, formal procedures etc.)
  • Perform incident reporting and emergency response preparedness activities.
  • Ensure that the equipment on site is tested, certified, calibrated and maintained.
  • Develop a register of all the equipment with certification/calibration details and due date for next inspection.
  • Periodically inspect subcontractor’s equipment, tools, machinery etc. as determined by the company.
  • Plan, schedule, and implement gas line patrolling and leak survey for the city gas network.
  • Ensure pressure test/leak test is conducted with prior information to the personnel involved in the activities and ensure all equipment is fit for purpose and personnel are competent to perform the work.
  • Maintain the SNG/LPG YARD site and Gas Network in an orderly manner. Ensure that the Operation and Maintenance Manuals, statutory details and any other relevant information are easily available and accessible.
  • Carry out site inspection for the civil and mechanical structural works for specifics and ensure compliance to the drawings.
  • Coordinate closely with developers to take over the gas distribution Network by checking compliance as-built drawings, documents reports of complete package provided by the developers and follow-up ongoing & pending submissions.
  • Resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise.
  • Oversee safe and smooth takeover of SNG System and gas distribution network detail package and assets. Detail procedure along with requisite documentation shall be part of part of the handover.
  • Carry out inspection of SNG System and gas network.
  • Ensure proper PPM for network and System equipment are as per planned PPM Schedule by following standard operating procedures and work instructions.
  • Review the requests for any work by Third Party Contractors / agencies near the SNG Farm, Gas Distribution Network by careful review of the documents & drawings, site survey of the area, and issue No Objection Certificate (NOC). Further, during actual execution of the work, PTW shall be issued after careful review of the documents and site survey of the area.
  • Continuously monitor and supervise the work to ensure the compliance to the conditions stated in NOC and the PTW. Issue Cease and Desist notice in case of any violations of the NOC / PTW conditions. PTW training of the Third Party Contractors to be regularly conducted as per requirement.
  • Carry out Gas Leak Survey, Routine Maintenance of PE / Steel Valve installation with valve chamber inspection. Monitoring of gas network pressure at different locations as identified. Perform routine patrolling for check on damage Third Party interference, etc., with maintenance contract as per ASME B31.8 and IGE/TD/3
  • Identify hot spots (locations susceptible for interference) on the system and network on weekly basis and report if required, to deploy supervision for critical activities to safeguard and ensure integrity of the pipeline.
  • Supervise the operation & maintenance of all PE & steel valves (underground, above ground, valves SNG Farm, Gas Distribution Networks along with valve chamber shall be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Commissioning of the applicable gas distribution network as per Lusail city gas distribution network guidelines. Shall undertake all necessary actions in order to ensure that the Gas Distribution network shall not leak / damage / interrupt gas supply as per IGE/TD/3.Comply With Lusail General HSE Guide line 13 and Employer HSE Manual, QCS 2014 (section 11).


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related field
  • MMUP, Qatar-approved Engineering status is preferred
  • Membership of IGEM, NFPA etc. is preferred

Minimum Experience:

  • 7 years of relevant experience in O&M of city gas distribution systems with gas distribution utilities / contractors
  • Experience in continuous operation of all the systems in the plant and in the control room as per manual and multiple site experience especially in SNG System and Gas network.

Job-Specific Skills (Generic / Technical):

  • Proficiency in English
  • Knowledge of Monitoring and controlling all activities involving Filling, Storage and Distribution of SNG and Network
  • Strong communication and inter-personal skills
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Good knowledge of gas standards and codes relevant to city gas and internal building gas systems (IGEM, NFPA, BS, etc.) and testing & commissioning
  • Ability to read and understand instrument loop diagram, P& IDs drawing, location drawing, typical drawing, layout drawings etc.
  • Good knowledge of authority regulations in Qatar (Woqod, Civil Defense, etc.) is preferred